Recent Before & After Photos

Supply Line Burst in Pasadena, CA

This is your classic rebuild. The home owner calls us out for an inspection and we knew immediately what needed to be done. The cabinets at the time were beyon... READ MORE

Grease Fire in West Hollywood, CA

This home suffered from an unexpected, uncontested grease fire. The home owner left a pot of grease on the stove. While accidentally forgetting the burner on th... READ MORE

Flooded Laundry Room in Highland Park, CA

This flooded laundry room in Highland Park, CA was the result of a leaking washer machine. There was anywhere between one to two inches of standing water upon o... READ MORE

Water Damage in East Los Angeles, CA

Sometimes water can travel a long ways and without the proper tools one might not be able to stop all the problems that come with having a water loss. Here at S... READ MORE

Sewage Pipe Break in Los Angeles, CA

This was the unfortunate result of a sewage pipe burst from a unit directly above. The entire ceiling, walls, and floor were saturated. With respect to IICRC gu... READ MORE