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Is There Any Method to Remove Fire Damage Odors from Highland Park Homes and Belongings?

6/16/2021 (Permalink)

an extension chord that is on fire Fire damage remediation includes dealing with the residues and the odors. Call our team to assess your situation today.

SERVPRO Has the Professional Equipment and Training to Get Rid of Smoke Damage and Scents in Highland Park Properties

Even a small amount of fire damage in a Highland Park property can leave behind the need for a large amount of fire and smoke damage restoration and cleanup. The reason is that soot particles smaller than the human eye can see without assistance emit big fire odors and can become airborne and travel via foot traffic or the HVAC ductwork.

SERVPRO handles Highland Park fire damage restorations carefully, and the process starts with an inspection of the worksite to determine that items have restoration potential through various applications. During a house-fire clean up, the technicians set up workstations outside the property to bring items for immersion and agitation cleaning methods. Just because an item is covered in soot, such as a favorite table, does not mean it was lost in the fire. If the joints of the furnishing have not been damaged due to exposure to heat or water, it may have prospects for reuse in the home again. SERVPRO techs also have access to a wide array of equipment at their warehouse to handle articles that need restorative cleaning, but it cannot get accomplished on-site.

In-House Fire Odor Cleaning Options

  • Use of ozone machine to remove soot particles
  • Area rug cleaning removes smoke odors
  • Document preservation
  • Washable items restored by the Esporta Washing System

SERVPRO of Highland Park at (323) 255-1001 brings years of experience and training to handle Highland Park fire damage cleanup as rapidly as possible.

What are Some of the Hazards During Los Angeles Flood Damage Cleanup?

6/11/2021 (Permalink)

a flooded laundry room with water everywhere When your flooded home needs water removal, contact our certified SERVPRO team. We are standing by 24/7 365 days a year to help.

SERVPRO Can Perform Water Removal Safely in Los Angeles Properties

Flood restoration is one of the most hazardous types of water cleanup that Los Angeles properties require. But why? One of the biggest reasons is that groundwater itself carries a rating as a biohazard due to the unknown contaminants it contains.

SERVPRO knows when Los Angeles homes have flood damage, removing the water as rapidly as possible is crucial. As little as one inch of water can do thousands of dollars in structural damage to property and contents. The longer the water cleanup waits, the more time the moisture has to seep under the floors, wreck subflooring, and wick into the sheetrock on the walls. To ascertain the scale of the damage from the floodwater, SERVPRO techs rely on their advanced equipment such as moisture detectors and hygrometers that measure the amount of saturation and helps determine the potential for restoration of articles in the home through cleaning.

Common Flood Restoration Actions

  • Use of submersible and truck-mounted extractors for large water removal jobs
  • Testing work areas with a non-contact voltage detector to determine if a current is flowing through standing water
  • Treatment of contaminated water with proprietary biocides for safer handling

SERVPRO of Highland Park at (323) 255-1001 is ready to serve the Los Angeles community for flood damage cleanup needs. The trained technicians arrive within hours of the initial call because We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

What Equipment Assists With Water Removal in Los Angeles?

6/6/2021 (Permalink)

a water damaged ceiling Has excess moisture affected your home? Team SERVPRO can help with detection and removal equipment.

SERVPRO Has the Professional Equipment to Perform Water Cleanup in Los Angeles Properties

When a Los Angeles home has a water damage event, the water within the home cannot get found through visual inspections alone. We rely on a diverse selection of equipment to target and remove the moisture.

Los Angeles properties benefit from SERVPRO's water removal services and it begins with scoping the home. Tracking the migration path of water from burst pipes, a leaking roof, or sewer backup all contribute to a complete water cleanup process.

SERVPRO Water Detection Equipment

When SERVPRO handles water cleanup jobs in local properties, the techs use different types of devices depending on the materials and articles getting inspected. For example, infrared cameras cannot detect moisture but show areas of hot and cold which indicate water retention behind walls. Probes are useful in finding seepage issues and determining how much of the subfloor is wet without removing tiles or floorboards. This attention to detail helps homeowners avoid issues in the future caused by missed water left behind in the structure.

Frequently Used Water Detection Equipment

SERVPRO of Highland Park supports the Los Angeles area for any type of water removal needed. Call (323) 255-1001 and our trained, certified technicians are available 24/7 to assist residents as needed.

How Can Homeowners Handle Mold Damage in Highland Park?

5/18/2021 (Permalink)

mold on wall behind baseboard. Mold will spread like wildfire within hours. SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians are trained and ready at a moment's notice. Call now!

They Should Contact a Reputable Restorer Like SERVPRO to Perform Professional Mold Damage Mitigation in their Highland Park Homes

Mold damage is a second factor of water damage. If the primary cause is not addressed on time, mold growth can begin to thrive in dark corners within 24 hours and reduce indoor air quality. You can avoid these issues by hiring certified restorers like SERVPRO to make the damage seem “Like it never even happened.”

Our restorers can begin mold damage restoration in your Highland Park home by assessing the affected materials to determine the severity of the damage. When removing existing mold colonies, our restorers use personal protective equipment such as respirators and waterproof gloves. 

SERVPRO’s mold remediation process includes:

  • Mold damage assessment: Since not all mold is visible, our SERVPRO team can use inspection cameras to identify moisture in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Mold containment and air filtration: To avoid cross-contamination, we can use plastic sheeting to contain the affected area and use negative air pressure during the process.
  • Extracting mold-infested materials for cleaning and drying.
  • Cleaning the affected area: For effective cleaning, we can use anti-microbial and anti-fungal treatments to eliminate mold colonies.

If your property is infected with mold, it is vital to opt for professional mold removal as soon as possible before it spreads and causes further harm. Mold removal and remediation entail much more than merely washing away noticeable traces. It necessitates the use of specialist, expert mold removal techniques and products.

Mold can seem harmless but can cause severe property damage. Contact SERVPRO of Highland Park for professional mold remediation services at (323) 255-1001.

Why Professional Restoration is the Best Way to Handle Water Damage in Los Angeles Homes?

5/12/2021 (Permalink)

dishwasher over flow Water damage done by an appliance in the kitchen can be very messy. SERVPRO has the experience and equipment for any size water clean-up.

Professional Restorers like SERVPRO Have Undergone Thorough Training and Have Decades of Experience in Performing Water Damage Restoration in Los Angeles Homes

When your kitchen sink blocks or a water pipe raptures in your house, it can lead to a devastating situation. Most property owners find it hard to know where to begin with water damage restoration. However, when you involve professional restorers like SERVPRO, you do not have to worry about the unfortunate situation.

SERVPRO restorers have successfully restored thousands of homes affected by water damage in Los Angeles over the years. If you delay restoration, mold damage can occur in less than 48 hours after a water leak. Drywall and flooring are porous in nature and vulnerable to water damage. Our restorers can clean and restore all your home's construction materials, reducing the amount of work that needs to be done.

When is it necessary to call SERVPRO restorers for help?

Even a minor water intrusion incident can result in mold growth, warped wood, and stained walls if not addressed quickly. Any water damage necessitates specialist after water event that:

  • Gets behind a wall or in a hard-to-reach area.
  • Touches drywall.
  • Creates a pool of water.
  • Saturates upholstered furniture or carpeting.

How restorers dry an affected area

SERVPRO has the skill, experience, and necessary equipment to manage any magnitude of water damage. We can use desiccant dehumidifiers with two 20 inches reinforced duct lines to enhance air movement into the property. The equipment helps us hasten the drying process.

Having a water damage incident on your property is certainly upsetting. Contact SERVPRO of Highland Park any time of the day at (323) 255-1001 for professional service that makes it “Like it never even happened.” 

When Should Property Owners Contact Professional Restorers for Fire Damage Restoration in Los Angeles?

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

kitchen fire Rust and soot damage by a fire in your kitchen is a job for a professional outfit. SERVPRO has you covered from beginning to end.

Act Immediately By Contacting Professional Restorers Like SERVPRO for Fire Damage Restoration in Los Angeles

The largest city in California and the second-largest urban area in the United States, Los Angeles is home to a population of close to 4 million people. The city is known for its ethnic and cultural diversity, Mediterranean climate, sprawling metropolitan area, and the popular Hollywood entertainment industry.

The seat of Los Angeles County, the city, is located adjacent to the Pacific Ocean, with deserts and mountains over 10,000 feet high. Los Angeles covers around 1,210 km square, and it is the most populous county in the nation.

Los Angeles is at the forefront of a number of emerging industries. With more than 23,000 art jobs, the Los Angeles metropolitan area has surpassed New York as the country's leading creative hub. That means that the city has the largest concentration and many artists compared to New York City.

The city is a major manufacturing, finance, industry, and shipping hub. An iconic vacation spot, Los Angeles attracts millions of visitors across the world each year. 

Points of Interest in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has known to being called the "Entertainment Capital of the World" since the city produces television shows, video games, recorded music, motion pictures, and internet web series than anywhere in the world. 

  • Sandy Beaches: The gorgeous beaches of Los Angeles attract thousands of visitors during summer. One can enjoy the beach at Point Dume Beach, located north of Malibu, and it feels more like a private area.
  • Los Angeles Music Center: The performing arts center is among the largest in the United States. The facility is home to Walt Disney Concert Hall, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Mark Taper Forum, and Roy and Edna Disney / CalArts Theatre. The facility attracts more than 1.3 million tourists each year.
  • Los Angeles County Museum: Los Angeles County hosts 841 museums. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is the largest of them all and across the Western United States. The facility holds over 150,000 works from ancient times to the present. It also features film and concert series.
  • Battleship Iowa: The retired battleship was the fourth in the U.S Navy, named after the state of Iowa. The Second World War, she was the only ship to serve in the Atlantic Ocean. She carried President Franklin D. Roosevelt to Mers El Kebir in Algeria.

How Fast Do SERVPRO Restorers Respond To Fire Damage Calls In Los Angeles?

Fire damage restoration is incredibly complex and requires immediate action. SERVPRO restorers understand how fast the secondary damages of fire spread. We respond fast and act within the shortest period possible.

To ensure effective restoration, SERVPRO's team of professionals uses advanced equipment and tools. We also take the necessary steps to secure the affected property, including:

  • Temporary Roof Cover-Up and Board Up
  • Maintaining Structural Integrity
  • Installing Temporary Fencing

How do Restorers Remove Rust from Kitchen Appliances?

We use various chemical actions when cleaning surfaces in an affected property. We can use rusticide, an oxalic-phosphorus acid solution, to remove rust stains on metallic surfaces. The product has a pH of 2 and dissolves rust stains on linen, wool, cotton, and synthetic fibers. 

Do not waste time when the unfortunate incident happens. Contact SERVPRO of Highland Park to get your life back within a brief period. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. Call us today at (323) 255-1001.

Wondering How Carpets Influence Water Removal From Your Highland Park House?

4/19/2021 (Permalink)

carpet and subfloor damaged by water SERVPRO has trained and experienced technicians for any job necessary for your home. Water damage restoration is our specialty!

SERVPRO Handles Water Removal in Highland Park Properties with Carpets in Place or Removed

If a leak has spread water into carpeted areas of your house, you might be apprehensive whether the actions you take to remove it would be sufficient. Carpets are made from porous materials which absorb water fast. The underlayment, such as the pad, complicates the problem further since it is also highly porous. Water removal from carpeted surfaces requires the right skillsets to achieve the desired goal. The process might be influenced by how the house is inundated. For instance, these situations would lead to different removal processes:   

  • Leaking roof from storms
  • Water damage repairs
  • Cleaning up after a sewer backup

SERVPRO is equipped to handle water removal in Highland Park homes under different circumstances. For instance, in clean water spills, we can squeeze it out with deep extractors such as ride-on rovers or water claws before drying the property. 

In the case of greywater, removal and cleaning go hand in hand. We can still remove the water while the carpet is in place, then follow up with a cleaning process such as hot water extraction before drying. However, when there is sewage or other black water incidents, we remove the carpet entirely before handling water removal, cleaning, and deodorization. 

SERVPRO of Highland Park is a seasoned restoration company that handles water removal conveniently. Call us at (323) 255-1001.

Concerned About Bungling Fire Damage Restoration in your Los Angeles Home?

4/14/2021 (Permalink)

fire damaged home Fire damage is no easy task. Leave it to the professionals at SERVPRO with their equipment and manpower.

SERVPRO Provides Well Managed Teams to Handle Fire Damage In Los Angeles Properties

In the aftermath of a fire incident, you might not be in the right state of mind to oversee the house fire cleanup and restoration of your home. Even when the fire damage level is manageable, guaranteeing the restoration process's viability, the outcome depends on the actions you take. Guidance from a skilled team can help.

Several processes might be necessary to address the fire damage in your Los Angeles home. Hiring a professional team to handle the fire restoration offers many unique advantages. For instance, SERVPRO assigns a production manager or supervisor who oversees all the tasks and stages needed for the restoration, including:

  • Water & fire damage restorations
  • Fire restoration
  • House fire clean up

The SERVPRO production manager takes over the responsibilities that the homeowner would traditionally have to worry about—for instance, visiting the property before the fire damage restoration starts and performing a walkthrough to identify or confirm the problems caused by the fire. The visit also lets us note the issues that the homeowner is mainly concerned about. The production manager oversees the technicians handling the restoration and deals with third-party contractors or other parties such as insurance adjusters.

SERVPRO of Highland Park can help you avoid unnecessary stress after fire damage. Call us at (323) 255-1001.

Seeking Solutions for Water Damage at Your Los Angeles Property?

4/9/2021 (Permalink)

burst pipe in home Water damage done by a pipe burst can be troublesome. SERVPRO has the manpower and equipment for any size water damage restoration service needed.

SERVPRO Tailors Solutions to Match Water Damage Outcomes in Los Angeles Properties

Most people know Los Angeles for its contributions to the entertainment world. However, there are many sides to the city. For instance, many people from other areas would not associate the city with oil production, yet in the early 1920s, it was producing a quarter of the world's oil supply. Oil was discovered in 1892 near where the Dodger Stadium stands currently. Even today, there is still limited oil production within the city. For instance, an oil derrick at Beverly Hills high school still produces over 400 barrels of oil per day. 

The Growth of the Entertainment Industry 

Entertainment, and especially the film industry, plays a key role in the economy of the city. However, Los Angeles has one of the most dynamic economies powered by different industries, including manufacturing, advanced transportation, and hospitality. 

Although today Hollywood is synonymous with the film industry, the shift from the east to the west only happened because filmmakers were trying to avoid Thomas Edison, who held a majority of the country's film patents. Edison lived in New Jersey at the time, so the physical distance from Los Angeles offered sufficient protection. Various museums in Los Angeles help provide insights into the various changes in the film industry over the years.

  • Hollywood Heritage Museum

It is located in the first Stern Family Barn, the first silent movie production studio in Hollywood, run by Jesse L. Lasky and Cecile B. DeMille. It offers a wide range of artifacts, including the photo history of old Hollywood.

  • Hollywood Museum

It is located in the heart of Hollywood and features a significant collection of movie props, costumes, set decorations, and other memorabilia. It features famous artists' exhibits, including Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, and others.

  • The Grammy Museum

It features the history of recorded music and the different technologies used in recording at different times.

Torrential Rainfall in Los Angeles

Although California is famous for its extended droughts, it does experience torrential rainfall. For example, Los Angeles has a long history of torrential downpours. Back in 1926, a rain gauge placed in the San Gabriel Mountains measured over an inch of rain in just a minute. Even in recent times, bouts of rainfall are recorded from time to time. For instance, on April 6, 2020, a slow-moving storm unleashed heavy rainfall in southern California, breaking a rainfall record in downtown Los Angeles that stood for 62 years. Such rainfall not only floods roads but might also cause damages inside buildings.

What Type of Assistance is necessary when dealing with water damage in Los Angeles?

After the water reaches the interior of your home, it can cause a wide range of problems, including staining fabrics; materials such as drywall become soggy, while wood might swell or warp. Water damage from ingression of moisture after heavy rainfall might be similar to what develops in other situations such as:

  • Emergency services water damage
  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks

SERVPRO helps address various issues, including water extraction, cleaning, drying wet materials, and deodorization, to combat various damages. For instance, we have powerful water extractors that can remove several gallons of standing water within a short while, minimizing the chances of extreme material deterioration.

SERVPRO of Highland Park is always eager to assist homeowners affected by water damage incidents. Call us at (323) 255-1001.

Can SERVPRO Clean Bedding After Water Cleanup?

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment and technician When water damage happens, contact Call SERVPRO of Highland Park at (323) 255-1001, no matter how big or small the problem.

We Help Highland Park Families After Water Incidents

Some water spills, such as from appliances, mostly affect the floor and carpets. However, sometimes a home suffers from a burst pipe or leaking roof, which causes more widespread damage.

If you are concerned about your bedding after water cleanup in Highland Park, call SERVPRO. Our professional teams do not stop after removing water and drying your home. We also take care of water-damaged belongings, such as blankets, pillowcases, sheets, comforters, and even towels.

We take care of your bedding by:

  • Using steam cleaning and spot cleaning to tackle stubborn odors and stains.
  • Sending bedding to our facility for ESPORTA (hydraulic) washing.
  • Deodorizing items to leave them smelling fresh, “Like it never even happened.”

We train our technicians to assess the fibers before cleaning for the most efficient results and to minimize the risk of damage. Cleaning rather than disposing of bedding is cheaper and less stressful for you. Your insurance company will also be pleased, as insurers favor restoration over replacement.

Let us handle the stress of cleaning water-damaged bedding. Call SERVPRO of Highland Park at (323) 255-1001.