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Can Professional Water Damage Restoration Eliminate Highland Park Home Water Leaks?

5/4/2022 (Permalink)

water extraction equipment removing water damage in a kitchen We have the advanced equipment necessary to extract water damage from your home. Call us when you need an expert, we are available 24/7.

Highland Park SERVPRO Technicians Implement Water Cleanup and Odor Control Strategies

Residential water damage disasters are among the most frequent in the United States. Supply line leaks, old plumbing components, and damaged appliances are common culprits. This moisture can leave Highland Park properties with more than just wet walls, floors, or furniture to clean. Mold can grow from 24 to 72 hours of moisture exposure and spread to form colonies in less than two weeks in ideal conditions.

Highland Park SERVPRO water damage cleanup ensures that damaged property is returned to a pre-disaster condition, emphasizing restoration and repair when feasible. Water mitigation teams are deployed with sophisticated tools that thoroughly clean structural materials, carpets, upholstery, and other belongings. SERVPRO emphasizes the value of both tried-and-true water cleanup methods and sophisticated technologies and combines both for the optimal outcome during mitigation.

Highland Park Home Inspections Can Lessen Water Damage Impact

While some disasters occur without warning in areas that would be difficult for homeowners to inspect without removing structural materials, that does not make water damage prevention a fruitless effort. Highland Park residents can keep an eye on the following areas in their homes to lower the risk of water damage:

  • Check refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher door gaskets for signs of cracks or tears that water could seep through.
  • HVAC condensate lines are another frequent source of water damage leaks that can impact walls and ceilings
  • Pinholes or loose hookups on supply lines for refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines can be prevented with periodic inspections and occasional replacement of parts.
  • Water heater leaks are another type of disaster that can occur, typically from damage to the tank, valves, or plumbing.

SERVPRO Water Cleanup Services Extend Beyond Moisture Mitigation

Regardless of the damage’s source, SERVPRO water removal technicians respond to cleanup calls 24/7. This fast-responding service prevents water damage from further impacting a property or proliferating potential microbial growth.

After an initial consultation and inspection, crew members begin the water cleanup process by inspecting surfaces with various moisture measurement apparatuses. Penetrating and non-penetrating sensors and meters calibrated for different materials determine surface-level and internal moisture levels. Thermal imaging cameras visualize temperature changes consistent with moisture exposure behind wall cavities and other hard-to-reach surfaces so that crews can build a more accurate and comprehensive water restoration plan.

The primary water removal mechanisms that SERVPRO teams use include portable extraction units, carpet extractor wands, air movers, and dehumidifiers. Odor control can be achieved with EPA-registered biocides and solvent-based deodorizers, among other malodor removal solutions. SERVPRO professionals can also demolish structural materials when necessary for water mitigation services and make repairs to return a Highland Park property to its pre-disaster state. These services are rendered with coordination and approval from homeowners and insurers.

We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, whether it happens during the day, late at night, or during a weekend or holiday. SERVPRO of Highland Park’s cleanup service is a phone call away at (323) 255-1001.

We Need Emergency Water Removal, How Soon Can I Get Help In Highland Park?

5/3/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded Room Explore your options with SERVPRO of Highland Park.

SERVPRO is available 24/7 in Highland Park – We Can Have a Crew On-Site for Water Removal Within Hours

When you need emergency water removal, you need a crew that will arrive fast and gets to work right away. All of our technicians at SERVPRO have the training to handle real-life water loss situations to handle the restoration needs that you have at your Highland Park property.

When you call on us for emergency water removal in Highland Park, you can count on us to arrive promptly. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster – usually having a crew on-site and ready to get to work within four hours or less of your initial call. Once you call, we will:

  • Offer guidance on anything you can do until our arrival that will help minimize water damage.
  • Send out our Green Fleet with IICRC-certified technicians and all of the equipment for the job.
  • Assess the level of water damage to determine what tools and equipment will work best.
  • Begin pumping out freestanding water, followed by extraction of water from any carpeting, behind walls, etc.
  • Utilize specialized moisture detection tools crafted to locate hidden moisture pockets.
  • Adjust accordingly to achieve our drying goals.
  • Ensure the structure of your home and all contents are completely dry based on industry standards.

Do I Have to Worry About Potential Risks from Water Damage?

The longer that water and moisture linger, the more damage sets in. Additionally, excess moisture creates a perfect breeding ground for microbial and bacterial growth. Calling in the help of trained technicians ensures you have mold and mildew mitigation efforts before it turns into a much larger problem.

Never wait to handle water removal in your home. Call SERVPRO of Highland Park at (323) 255-1001 to safely and efficiently restore your interior to pre-damaged condition.

Water Has Pooled in My Los Angeles Home! What Should I Do?

4/5/2022 (Permalink)

Woman Holding Bucket Under Water Leak Quick action is necessary to deal with water damage in your home. Contact our certified team for expert mitigation services.

Contact SERVPRO to Perform Water Removal in Your Los Angeles Residence

Water damage is an emergency, and saving time is critical. Contact our restoration specialists to identify all areas that have water and moisture issues. Our team can help you avoid severe secondary damage in your Los Angeles home.

What are the necessary precautions to take after water damage?

As you wait for SERVPRO to perform water removal in your Los Angeles residence, you should take precautions. Begin by stopping the leak by turning off the main shut-off valve. Another safety concern is electronic equipment. If water has risen to the electrical outlets, switch off the power source. After turning off the power source, unplug all electrical equipment. Unplugging the equipment increases the chances of saving it. You should also wear protective clothing and rubber gloves if you choose to remove waterlogged items from your home.

How do Certified Technicians Handle Water Loss Incidents?

Our technicians usually remove the ruined materials that can either be discarded or restored. These materials may include carpeting, baseboards, furniture, insulation, carpet padding, drywall, fragile woods, and upholstery. After removing the ruined materials, our crew can start removing the water using wet/dry vacuums or portable pumps. We can then use specialized equipment such as axial air movers and Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifiers to dry the affected areas. We also handle mold damage during the restoration process. We disinfect mold-infested surfaces and restore them as fast as possible to keep the mold from spreading.

How Long Does a Typical Home Take to Dry?

Several factors determine the amount of time it takes a house to dry. They include:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • How fast emergency services start
  • Type of affected materials
  • Amount of saturation

Our SERVPRO team manipulates the relative humidity and temperature to dry a home faster. We monitor and evaluate the drying process consistently to determine when drying is complete. We use equipment like moisture meters, moisture sensors, and infrared cameras to monitor the drying process. It is time-consuming to inspect for moisture. Infrared cameras enable us to check large areas of a house more quickly. Even though there are no rules to determine how long a home can take to dry, a typical water loss takes 3 to 5 days to dry.

Should I Turn Off the Drying Equipment at Night?

No, the drying equipment should remain running on a 24-hour basis. The more hours the equipment remains on, the faster buildings dry. We place the equipment strategically to encourage optimal drying.

When you have a water loss problem in your home, you can trust SERVPRO of Highland Park to clean up and dry the affected areas. Call us anytime at (323) 255-1001 for quick water removal services.

Methods to Save Flooring from Water Damage in Los Angeles Homes

3/8/2022 (Permalink)

a person standing in a flooded room with their feet submerged in floodwater Wet and flooded flooring needs effective water removal and drying. Contact our team 24/7 for certified technicians and the drying equipment to help.

SERVPRO Knows how to Save Your Floors After a Water Event Strikes

No matter if it is gorgeous hardwood boards, expensive travertine stone tiles or vinyl floor covering, they each have the potential for loss from water damage.

When SERVPRO techs perform water damage restoration services in Los Angeles homes, it is never a one-size-fits-all task. The techs scope the property and determine not only the size of the water loss but also the materials affected. 

Factors That Affect Restoration Potential

The type of flooring in the home can determine the overall outcome and the restorability factor. Another crucial element is how degraded the water becomes. If a clean water spill in a home begins restoration actions within 24 hours of the original event, it has the best prospects for a positive outcome. 

Hardwood Flooring

This type of floor covering can have restoration possibilities if the extraction and drying process begins rapidly enough after the initial water event. SERVPRO techs can work on floorboards that have warped or cupped using their specialized drying equipment, such as drying mats. 

Laminate, Linoleum, and Vinyl Flooring

This type of floor covering gets installed as large sheets or single tiles. The large sheets fare better against water loss as the individual tiles have a higher chance of delamination after exposure when moisture seeps around the edges of the tile. The techs use pumps, mops, and squeegees to remove water loss quickly. 

Porcelain, Natural Stone or Ceramic Floor Tiles

Unless water breaches the seal on the grout, this type of floor covering has a good chance against water loss. After pulling up as much moisture as possible and drying, the techs often use antimicrobial cleaning agents to discourage mold growth in the grout line. 


When SERVPRO techs work on wet carpet, they have specialized equipment such as weighted extractor heads and stationary stand-on units that both use weight to push water up and out of carpet and padding. Drying techniques such as floating assist with restoring the carpet and saving homeowners the cost of replacement. 

SERVPRO of Highland Park at (323) 255-1001 for any type of water damage cleanup your home needs. The certified technicians bring their advanced equipment and extensive knowledge to make the loss, "Like it never even happened."

Reasons to Contact SERVPRO for Water Damage Restoration at Your Los Angeles Property

2/1/2022 (Permalink)

Equipment drying floor We have crews available for emergency response 24 hours a day and will deploy our Green Fleet within hours of your call.

SERVPRO Professionals Resolved All Problems after Water Damage at a Los Angeles Premises

When there is a problem on the roof of your property, rainwater can seep through without your knowledge. The water may cause damage to your house by ruining your valuables and furniture. If you notice water damage at your Los Angeles property, it is a good idea to contact professionals to help with restoration.

Our SERVPRO technicians understand the technical aspects of the restoration process and the utilization of proper equipment and products to carry out the task. By using professional water damage restoration products at your Los Angeles property, our team may be able to help reinstate the loss environment to a preloss condition. Our team also responds quickly to prevent further damage to your premises and exercise safety during the restoration process.

Some Steps to Undertake During a Water Damage Restoration Process:

  • Assessing the situation
  • Conducting humidity and moisture testing
  • Repairing damaged ceiling, walls, and flooring

It is vital to perform a safety evaluation before embarking on this task. Our SERVPRO team takes the necessary time to identify safety hazards. After this, the technicians undertake the restoration by removing water and debris. The technicians do this by using deep extraction tools, making the process efficient and rapid. SERVPRO professionals help dry the ceilings, floors, and walls that may have retained moisture from the leaky water using the correct techniques and guidelines of the IICRC The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification.

Different Devices Used to Track Moisture Within a Structure:

  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Moisture sensors
  • Moisture meters
  • Thermo-hygrometers 

These devices aid in detecting moisture at different levels and materials. For instance, thermal imaging cameras help detect moisture in building materials, whereas thermal hygrometers measure both humidity and temperature of the air. The technicians will use dehumidifiers to remove water from the air.

SERVPRO of Highland Park provides excellent water damage restoration. You can contact us at (323) 255-1001. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Professional Equipment Improves Outcome for Highland Park Water Removal

2/1/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle with Equipment Regardless the Magnitude of your water damage we have the resources to handle it.

SERVPRO Brings Pro Tools to Every Water Damage Service in Highland Park

The task of restoring a residential property after water damage is best outsourced to a professional restoration service. SERVPRO technicians' training means they can handle all types of common and uncommon water damage situations, from a small pipe burst to a surprise flash flood.

Water removal in a Highland Park property begins as soon as the initial call gets made to SERVPRO. During this call, information gets collected quickly regarding the kind of water damage in the home and how widespread the moisture migration is within the house. From this input during the call, the techs load up their green service vehicles with the correct equipment to handle the job. 

Commonly Used Water Cleanup Equipment

The technicians have access to a warehouse filled with water mitigation tools such as: 

  • Detection devices
  • Drying equipment
  • Extraction units 
  • Professional water treatment applications 

Detection Devices

It is impossible for a homeowner to look at a wall or kitchen cabinets and know if water lurked behind the scenes. By using moisture meters and infrared cameras, SERVPRO techs can determine in short order if there is a need to extract water in hidden locations without the need to drill holes or otherwise damage the interior during the scoping process. 

Removal of Water and Drying

When a pipe breaks in a home, the homeowner wants the area dried as soon as possible. However, thorough moisture extraction works to lessen the drying time needed. SERVPRO techs use their powerful removal equipment to pull up the maximum amount of moisture. 

SERVPRO of Highland Park at (323) 255-1001 supports the local Highland Park community with water removal services available 24 hours a day.

How can Professional Carpet Water Removal Save a Los Angeles Home?

11/17/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged carpet being removed Wet carpet may appear dry on the surface, but moisture below can cause mold growth and subfloor damage.

Los Angeles SERVPRO Residential Water Removal Sanitizes and Preserves Carpeting

Los Angeles homeowners with carpets or area rugs may not know the full extent to which moisture can compromise their flooring after a ceiling or floor leak. Even if the carpeting seems dry enough on the surface, the floor or subfloor below may also require drying and sanitation to prevent potential mold growth from developing in the home.

SERVPRO’s repertoire of sophisticated water removal tools preserve Los Angeles properties after disaster strikes. Highly-trained technicians observe restoration industry standards while ensuring that water-damaged structures and contents are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to a preloss state.

Cleaning and Drying Water-Damaged Carpets and Rugs

Professional cleaning for wet carpeting requires several steps to return it to a pre-disaster condition:

  • SERVPRO technicians can carefully remove water with several passes with a portable extraction tool. Multiple applications of the extractor accelerate the drying process and can be done without delaminating carpet from the pad underneath
  • Odor control solutions for carpeting include time-release pellets, scented granules, injection systems, and even fogging for widespread water damage odors. Sanitation with OSHA-approved biocides also remediates microbial growth
  • During drying, carpets and area rugs can be “tented”–and even encased in polyethylene drying chambers–to speed up the process even further. Air movers and dehumidifiers are even more effective in contained spaces like SERVPRO drying chambers
  • After cleanup, restoration technicians can reinstall restored carpeting and re-seam it for a “Like it never even happened,” appearance. Irreparable needs replacing.

SERVPRO of Highland Park is a phone call away from demonstrating that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. Call (323) 255-1001 to find out more.

Los Angeles Water Cleanup. What SERVPRO Does

7/6/2021 (Permalink)

Water spot on a white wall. Just the thought of water damage is frustrating. If you experience water damage, reach out to SERVPRO of Highland Park for help.

SERVPRO is Available 24/7 for Water Cleanup and Restoration – Call Us When You Need Us in Los Angeles!

Having any significant water spill or flooding in your Los Angeles home will undoubtedly cause stress. Do you know what you should do whenever you are faced with a faulty appliance or burst pipes? Rather than panic setting in, you can give SERVPRO a call so that we can initiate our Green Fleet to begin emergency services water damage assessment at your property. We have the proven methods and advanced technology necessary to get the job done right the first time!

What kind of water cleanup in Los Angeles do you need? The more we know about the type of water that SERVPRO will be dealing with, the easier it is to select the proper process and equipment for the job. 

The difference between clean water versus a contaminated water project:

  • Clean Water – This may come from various sources, including supply lines to your dishwasher, toilet, refrigerator, showers, and tubs. Clean water is essentially any water source that is free of contaminants.
  • Contaminated Water – This might come from a leaking roof from storms, basement flooding, slab leaks, and toilet overflows. Contaminated water calls for specialized techniques, especially if there is a high degree of waste while cleaning up after a sewer backup.

SERVPRO features powerful pumps and extractors to handle whatever water clean up you require. Should the water damage impact drywall, ceiling tiles, and subfloor, we also perform controlled demolition to ensure your interior gets left “Like it never even happened.” 

Call SERVPRO of Highland Park for prompt, reliable water cleanup services and restoration. You can reach us 24-hours a day at (323) 255-1001.

What Equipment Assists With Water Removal in Los Angeles?

6/6/2021 (Permalink)

a water damaged ceiling Has excess moisture affected your home? Team SERVPRO can help with detection and removal equipment.

SERVPRO Has the Professional Equipment to Perform Water Cleanup in Los Angeles Properties

When a Los Angeles home has a water damage event, the water within the home cannot get found through visual inspections alone. We rely on a diverse selection of equipment to target and remove the moisture.

Los Angeles properties benefit from SERVPRO's water removal services and it begins with scoping the home. Tracking the migration path of water from burst pipes, a leaking roof, or sewer backup all contribute to a complete water cleanup process.

SERVPRO Water Detection Equipment

When SERVPRO handles water cleanup jobs in local properties, the techs use different types of devices depending on the materials and articles getting inspected. For example, infrared cameras cannot detect moisture but show areas of hot and cold which indicate water retention behind walls. Probes are useful in finding seepage issues and determining how much of the subfloor is wet without removing tiles or floorboards. This attention to detail helps homeowners avoid issues in the future caused by missed water left behind in the structure.

Frequently Used Water Detection Equipment

SERVPRO of Highland Park supports the Los Angeles area for any type of water removal needed. Call (323) 255-1001 and our trained, certified technicians are available 24/7 to assist residents as needed.

Why Professional Restoration is the Best Way to Handle Water Damage in Los Angeles Homes?

5/12/2021 (Permalink)

dishwasher over flow Water damage done by an appliance in the kitchen can be very messy. SERVPRO has the experience and equipment for any size water clean-up.

Professional Restorers like SERVPRO Have Undergone Thorough Training and Have Decades of Experience in Performing Water Damage Restoration in Los Angeles Homes

When your kitchen sink blocks or a water pipe raptures in your house, it can lead to a devastating situation. Most property owners find it hard to know where to begin with water damage restoration. However, when you involve professional restorers like SERVPRO, you do not have to worry about the unfortunate situation.

SERVPRO restorers have successfully restored thousands of homes affected by water damage in Los Angeles over the years. If you delay restoration, mold damage can occur in less than 48 hours after a water leak. Drywall and flooring are porous in nature and vulnerable to water damage. Our restorers can clean and restore all your home's construction materials, reducing the amount of work that needs to be done.

When is it necessary to call SERVPRO restorers for help?

Even a minor water intrusion incident can result in mold growth, warped wood, and stained walls if not addressed quickly. Any water damage necessitates specialist after water event that:

  • Gets behind a wall or in a hard-to-reach area.
  • Touches drywall.
  • Creates a pool of water.
  • Saturates upholstered furniture or carpeting.

How restorers dry an affected area

SERVPRO has the skill, experience, and necessary equipment to manage any magnitude of water damage. We can use desiccant dehumidifiers with two 20 inches reinforced duct lines to enhance air movement into the property. The equipment helps us hasten the drying process.

Having a water damage incident on your property is certainly upsetting. Contact SERVPRO of Highland Park any time of the day at (323) 255-1001 for professional service that makes it “Like it never even happened.” 

Wondering How Carpets Influence Water Removal From Your Highland Park House?

4/19/2021 (Permalink)

carpet and subfloor damaged by water SERVPRO has trained and experienced technicians for any job necessary for your home. Water damage restoration is our specialty!

SERVPRO Handles Water Removal in Highland Park Properties with Carpets in Place or Removed

If a leak has spread water into carpeted areas of your house, you might be apprehensive whether the actions you take to remove it would be sufficient. Carpets are made from porous materials which absorb water fast. The underlayment, such as the pad, complicates the problem further since it is also highly porous. Water removal from carpeted surfaces requires the right skillsets to achieve the desired goal. The process might be influenced by how the house is inundated. For instance, these situations would lead to different removal processes:   

  • Leaking roof from storms
  • Water damage repairs
  • Cleaning up after a sewer backup

SERVPRO is equipped to handle water removal in Highland Park homes under different circumstances. For instance, in clean water spills, we can squeeze it out with deep extractors such as ride-on rovers or water claws before drying the property. 

In the case of greywater, removal and cleaning go hand in hand. We can still remove the water while the carpet is in place, then follow up with a cleaning process such as hot water extraction before drying. However, when there is sewage or other black water incidents, we remove the carpet entirely before handling water removal, cleaning, and deodorization. 

SERVPRO of Highland Park is a seasoned restoration company that handles water removal conveniently. Call us at (323) 255-1001.

Seeking Solutions for Water Damage at Your Los Angeles Property?

4/9/2021 (Permalink)

burst pipe in home Water damage done by a pipe burst can be troublesome. SERVPRO has the manpower and equipment for any size water damage restoration service needed.

SERVPRO Tailors Solutions to Match Water Damage Outcomes in Los Angeles Properties

Most people know Los Angeles for its contributions to the entertainment world. However, there are many sides to the city. For instance, many people from other areas would not associate the city with oil production, yet in the early 1920s, it was producing a quarter of the world's oil supply. Oil was discovered in 1892 near where the Dodger Stadium stands currently. Even today, there is still limited oil production within the city. For instance, an oil derrick at Beverly Hills high school still produces over 400 barrels of oil per day. 

The Growth of the Entertainment Industry 

Entertainment, and especially the film industry, plays a key role in the economy of the city. However, Los Angeles has one of the most dynamic economies powered by different industries, including manufacturing, advanced transportation, and hospitality. 

Although today Hollywood is synonymous with the film industry, the shift from the east to the west only happened because filmmakers were trying to avoid Thomas Edison, who held a majority of the country's film patents. Edison lived in New Jersey at the time, so the physical distance from Los Angeles offered sufficient protection. Various museums in Los Angeles help provide insights into the various changes in the film industry over the years.

  • Hollywood Heritage Museum

It is located in the first Stern Family Barn, the first silent movie production studio in Hollywood, run by Jesse L. Lasky and Cecile B. DeMille. It offers a wide range of artifacts, including the photo history of old Hollywood.

  • Hollywood Museum

It is located in the heart of Hollywood and features a significant collection of movie props, costumes, set decorations, and other memorabilia. It features famous artists' exhibits, including Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, and others.

  • The Grammy Museum

It features the history of recorded music and the different technologies used in recording at different times.

Torrential Rainfall in Los Angeles

Although California is famous for its extended droughts, it does experience torrential rainfall. For example, Los Angeles has a long history of torrential downpours. Back in 1926, a rain gauge placed in the San Gabriel Mountains measured over an inch of rain in just a minute. Even in recent times, bouts of rainfall are recorded from time to time. For instance, on April 6, 2020, a slow-moving storm unleashed heavy rainfall in southern California, breaking a rainfall record in downtown Los Angeles that stood for 62 years. Such rainfall not only floods roads but might also cause damages inside buildings.

What Type of Assistance is necessary when dealing with water damage in Los Angeles?

After the water reaches the interior of your home, it can cause a wide range of problems, including staining fabrics; materials such as drywall become soggy, while wood might swell or warp. Water damage from ingression of moisture after heavy rainfall might be similar to what develops in other situations such as:

  • Emergency services water damage
  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks

SERVPRO helps address various issues, including water extraction, cleaning, drying wet materials, and deodorization, to combat various damages. For instance, we have powerful water extractors that can remove several gallons of standing water within a short while, minimizing the chances of extreme material deterioration.

SERVPRO of Highland Park is always eager to assist homeowners affected by water damage incidents. Call us at (323) 255-1001.

The Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience in Los Angeles

1/20/2021 (Permalink)

"Stranger things" If you are a fan of Stranger Things, enjoy a change in scenery while you watch in a different way then before.

Los Angeles Get Ready for Something Different!

Stranger Things is a Netflix series that has quite a following. Now you can become immersed in an adventure that will take you on a trip to 1985 and the Starcourt Mall. It is a drive-thru experience that takes about an hour to complete. Groups of 24 cars go through at a time and get to enjoy this wild ride. There are sets with actors in costume and lots of special effects. Cruise on through:

  • Starcourt Mall
  • Russian Labs
  • The Upside Down

Vehicles will be allowed to stop and watch different scenes as they travel through this one-of-a-kind experience. 

The event will take place through March 7, 2021. Tickets start at $69. There are standard access tickets and VIP access. Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday sessions fun from 6 – 9:45 PM. Weekend sessions, Friday and Saturday, start at 6 PM and runs through 10:45 PM. It all happens at Skylight ROW DTLA. Recommended for 13 years old and up.

SERVPRO of Highland Park provides water damage repair service. If your home experiences a water intrusion, contact us at (323) 255-1001. We can mitigate the problem safely and professionally.

What Better Holiday Present for Los Angeles Dodger Fans than the 2020 World Series Championship?

12/15/2020 (Permalink)

Los Angeles signs SERVPRO provides restoration services around the clock, nights holidays and weekends. Call the moment you see water damage on your property.

Celebrate both the Holiday and Baseball Seasons with a Drive-Thru Event at Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium Nightly Until December 24, 2020

Take a spin through Lot 10 at Chavez Ravine to experience the thrills of the Dodger’s 2020 winning season and enjoy festive holiday lights. Pre-purchased tickets are a must for each vehicle to view the: 

  • Light Show
  • LED Video Displays
  • Snowy decor

Schedule an appointment for your drive-thru but prepare for a bit of a wait in line during peak times. Ticket charges vary depending on the day of the week and as the days dwindle before Christmas.

  • Venue name: Dodger Stadium
  • Address: 1000 Vin Scully Ave

Los Angeles CA 90012

  • Price: $55–$115

Enter through the downtown gate and remain in your car during the tour. As the experience draws to an end, you exit through the Sunset gate.

The disaster recovery champs manage water damage mitigation in Los Angeles at SERVPRO of Highland Park. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster -- our highly-skilled team responds promptly to your call to (323) 255-1001.

Why Is It So Important to Remove All Water and Moisture After a Water Leak In My Highland Park Home?

8/28/2020 (Permalink)

A blue and white kitchen. Don't let water damage take over your Highland Park Home. Let SERVPRO be there to complete the process correctly.

Water and Moisture Should Be Removed as Soon as Possible to Deter Any Further Water damage Issues to Your Highland Park Home

Many homeowners in Highland Park remove water and moisture after a water leak on their own. Homeowners assume that any remaining water seeping under baseboards or through the floor will dry naturally, causing little damage to the flooring, drywall, insulation, and other materials exposed to moisture.

In our experience, SERVPRO has found that all water removal in Highland Park homes and offices should be completed thoroughly to avoid any chance for mold to grow. Mold can cause health effects, odors, and even structural damage if left in place. With the right conditions such as high humidity and warmth, mold can begin growing in less than 48 hours.

Should I Call in the Experts to Help Remove Water and Moisture?

Leaks from broken plumbing, overflowing laundry machines, and sinks can quickly spread onto floors and into every crevice in the room where the leak occurred. Water can penetrate floors and into the ceiling of rooms below. These areas provide perfect conditions for the growth of mold, not to mention damage to flooring and drywall.

SERVPRO has the experience to manage these situations. We also have the equipment to effectively determine where moisture has penetrated and then return humidity levels to normal. Large air movers and dehumidifiers remove the majority of water and humidity. We use moisture probes to assess spaces behind baseboards, in ceilings, and under floors. We use specialized equipment to remove excess water from these areas and blow dry air into them to absorb moisture and completely dry the area. 

SERVPRO can provide initial water removal and mitigation services as well as reconstruction services to return your building to preloss condition. We can supervise and manage the restoration services needed to restore your home.

Call SERVPRO of Highland Park (323) 255-1001 to assist with your emergency water removal and restoration needs.

Which Is More Important -- Water Removal or Structural Drying After a Leak Damages My Los Angeles Home?

7/2/2020 (Permalink)

female hold blue bucket to catch water leak from ceiling A water-damaged Los Angeles home does not have to be on your "Bucket List." Call SERVPRO for Mitigation

SERVPRO Knows How to Strike the Correct Balance, Removing Standing Water and Facilitating Thorough Drying of Wet Building Materials for Los Angeles Residents

The principles of water damage restoration as standardized by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) layout five fundamentals for every water crisis response in Los Angeles:

  • Provide for the well being and safety of workers and occupants
  • Document conditions and work procedures (periodically throughout the job)
  • Mitigation (halt the damage)
  • Drying of wet materials
  • Cleaning and repair of damaged structural components and contents

What do Safety Considerations Do Water Removal Professionals observe?

Comprehensive safety evaluation is the first step in any water mitigations and remediation project. As you are most familiar with your Los Angeles home, during water removal, the project manager relies upon your candor in identifying any known safety hazards. The circumstances of every water damaged home is unique, and we look for evidence of and document hazardous risks such as:

  • Sagging ceilings, bulging walls, or blistering paint that can signal trapped water
  • Waterlogged light fixtures and other electrical hazards like damaged and tangled electrical cords
  • Submerged debris
  • Slip, trip, and fall issues
  • Exposed tack strips from damaged or removed carpeting
  • Mold growth
  • Presence of lead or asbestos
  • Contaminated water
  • Confined spaces

How Do Professionals Handle Water Mitigation Tasks?

The SERVPRO team manages water mitigation in several different ways, focusing on removing as much of the standing water wherever it is pooled or collected. We follow through with some or all of the following depending the circumstances:

  • Pumps and truck-mounted extractors pull water from floors and exposed recesses
  • Weep holes or flood cuts ease the release and extraction of water caught in building cavities
  • Wanded extraction of carpeting stops the natural wicking of moisture from wet to dry areas
  • Extracted water determined to be Category 2 or 3 because of contaminants is contained in a tank or other receptacle
  • Contaminated water is discarded according to local regulations

Why Does Extraction Precede Structural Drying Efforts?

Research demonstrates that water removal is most efficient if the initial emphasis is on aggressive extraction. The more water we can evacuate in its liquid state, the faster the eventual drying phase will conclude. Extraction is 1200 times more effective than using drying strategies alone, shortening the restoration project's overall time frame by several days or more. Reducing the total job time causes less disruption of your day to day activities. It helps avoid progressive deterioration of building materials with high permeance, meaning they absorb and release moisture easily and continually expose their structure to the corrosive attributes of water.

Would Water Pumping and Extraction Be Enough Without Drying?

Porous materials absorb water, and that fluid load is harmful to the wet structures and contents and also raises the humidity level in the affected areas of your home. Our technicians train in strategies designed to increase the speed and effectiveness of evaporation, pushing moisture from the damp materials into the air as vapor. If evaporation is not encouraged, mold growth can begin within 24 to 48 hours, and materials continue to break down. Drying is vital.

How Do Professionals Achieve Optimum Conditions for Structural Drying?

You might hear our project manager or technicians discuss the concept that "nature seeks and equilibrium." The following principles underlie drying theory or psychrometry:

  • Wet moves to dry
  • Hot moves to cold
  • High pressure moves to low pressure

When the air surrounding wet materials holds less moisture than the materials, the wet (from the materials) goes to the dry (the air). We work hard to accelerate the movement of moisture from the materials into the dryer air. Because the air adjacent to the wet surface contains more moisture than air further away, we use air movers to propel the moist air away and into the drier atmosphere. We then use dehumidifiers to capture the water vapor for removal outside of the space.

How Would Professionals Describe the Relationship Between Extraction and Structural Drying?

Removing fluids and absorbed moisture from your home after a water loss is a balancing act. During the extraction phase, we set the stage for the drying phase. Both aspects are equally essential and coordinate for the most successful outcome when your home suffers from water damage.

Teamwork among our technicians and the theories of water extraction and drying are how SERVPRO of Highland Park achieves the best results after a water emergency in your home. We are available at (323) 255-1001 24 hours a day because water crises can occur anytime.

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What Do I Do About the Overflowing Dishwasher In My Los Angeles Home?

6/18/2020 (Permalink)

Close up of water flooding on living room parquet floor in a house “Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO For Professional Water Cleanup Services In Los Angeles!

When it comes to an overflowing dishwasher in your Los Angeles home, finding water cleanup services as quickly as possible is the best thing you can do for your house. Water damages wait for no one. Without immediate attention, excess moisture can cause mold and rot inside of your home.

Imagine a scenario where you did not realize regular dish soap cannot be used in a dishwasher, and the resulting overflow left you in need of urgent Los Angeles water cleanup services. As the suds pop and deflate, leaving a puddle behind, the tile of your floor can become endangered, as well as your cabinetry. When you call SERVPRO for help, our technicians can come to your home swiftly.

How Can SERVPRO Make Sure They Find All the Spilled Water?

Here at SERVPRO, we pride ourselves on being experts at water remediation. To find hidden pockets of water, we can:
    •    Use thermal imaging cameras, to locate pockets between walls and under the flooring
    •    Remove the toe kicks from below your counters to look under them
    •    Use moisture meters to measure levels inside of your home

Using some advanced technological devices, we can reach difficult places in your home!

What Advanced Technology Can Be Used to Clean Up Standing Water and Excess Moisture?

Our SERVPRO technicians can use the following advanced technological devices to remove excess water:
    •    Extractors
    •    Wet/dry vacuums
    •    Flood drying mats
    •    Dehumidifiers

Our technicians always aim to leave your home feeling like it did before your water-related problems began. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, so give us a call. We're dedicated to leaving you feeling happy about the service you received.

If your house is in need of water cleanup services, get them now! Get in touch with SERVPRO of Highland Park by dialing (323) 255-1001. We're always open to help you!

We Act Fast In Los Angeles When You Are Facing Water Damage

4/8/2020 (Permalink)

Our water extraction equipment removing the water damage in this kitchen We have the advanced equipment necessary to extract water damage from your kitchen. Call us when you need an expert, we are available 24/7.

What Areas of My Kitchen Can Get Destroyed by a Water Leak? 

Our technicians can provide a fast and knowledgeable response to dry and restore water-damaged Los Angeles kitchens.

Leaks from the plumbing going to your sink fixtures or other appliances in the kitchen can be challenging to detect initially. In many cases, homeowners do not recognize there is a concern until structural degradation or even mold growth begins. Noticing a leak or breach in your plumbing system as soon as possible can protect multiple areas susceptible to water damages, such as:

  • Flooring
  • Cabinets
  • Drywall & Wall Systems

While a pressing need for water cleanup in your Los Angeles kitchen might be apparent, many of these property owners might not fully appreciate the severity of the loss. Without thoroughly assessing the damage in the house, you might allow dampness and moisture pockets to persist. Not fully drying out a residence can lead to the deterioration of exposed materials and contents, the development of mold colonies, and other potentially harmful situations.

What Removes Water Damage from Hardwood and Tile Floors? 

Clearing standing water is one of the many obstacles that our responding SERVPRO team might address upon arrival to your house. We have multiple tools to address direct threats like these, including extractors and drying tools. More potentially hazardous conditions arise when surface water gets absorbed by damaged tile flooring or porous natural hardwood floors. Specialty equipment can help to remove free water trapped in wood planks and beneath tile flooring.

  • Removing Surface Water  

Homeowners often fixate on the immediate water they can see in a loss incident. In some situations, like leaks that occur over long periods, the surface water might not be as considerable of a threat as saturation. When standing water does exist, however, we can utilize wet vacuums with wands to reach inaccessible areas and help to reduce surface water to a manageable situation for mops, towels, air movers, and other drying practices.

  • Floor Mat Systems 

Specialty tools like floor mat systems offer a direct removal of trapped water in hardwood and tile flooring in areas accessible to our experienced technicians. When water damage occurs out in the main floor space of the kitchen, for example, setting up drying mats can pull trapped water from the material to reduce a need for tear-out and reinstallation.

Do Cabinets Need Replacing Once They Get Wet? 

Cabinets are often one of the materials most susceptible to prolonged leaking because they surround much of the exposed plumbing in your house. Supply lines that have small leaks can continually spray on cabinets, delaminating finished particleboard materials, and distorting the appearance and strength of more expensive hardwood cabinetry. We can utilize three approaches to address damp cabinets in a kitchen.

  • Centrifugal Air Movers 

Air movers are among the most powerful weapons in our arsenal for removing moisture directly from exposed materials and the environment. Unlike the axial models that we also use in water restoration projects, centrifugal air movers isolate specific points of damaged materials to evaporate the moisture that has gotten trapped.

  • Dehumidifiers 

Through both the use of air movers and the natural environment in the affected areas of your home, relative humidity is excessive. Effective drying of structural fixtures like the cabinets hinges on a balance of temperature, airflow, and humidity. Desiccant dehumidifiers can pull moisture from the air to reduce relative humidity to a point where drying is more efficient, and the likelihood of mold production gets reduced.

  • Controlled Demolition

In some situations, the only suitable solution is to remove overly damaged cabinets. This material discarding is a last resort for costlier hardwood fixtures but might not be as strong of a blow for those with particleboard cabinets. Our in-house contractors can reinstall new cabinets as needed to make it “Like it never even happened.”

How Do I Recognize Drywall Damage After a Leak? 

  • Warping or Distortion

Drywall systems can be a highly sensitive series of materials for water absorption. Within 24 hours of exposure, sheetrock can become unsalvageable and distorted by water absorption. Buckling and crumbling are two ways that you can notice substantial damage occurring to exposed drywall.

  • Swelling 

Swelling can create a substantial threat to drywall, as it can become too heavy for screws into the framing studs to support. When this occurs, the best solution is to allow our contractors to perform flood cuts at minimum to protect portions of drywall not yet damaged by wicking moisture.

  • Microbial Growth

Spotting is a sign that mold has begun to develop on susceptible surfaces like sheetrock. As a host for this hazardous organism, occupants of the house could be subject to health effects. Microbial growth is a destructive effect in itself and can spread quickly without the intervention of our SERVPRO Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT.)

Water leaks in your kitchen can present several unfavorable conditions simultaneously. Our SERVPRO of Highland Park team can help you address these effects using sophisticated tools and approaches. Give us a call anytime you need us at (323) 255-1001.

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When Mold is Present, the Type of Mold Matters.

10/30/2019 (Permalink)

The photo shows mold on wood framing When a homeowner finds mold in their home, they often call us in a panic - concerned that their families health is being compromised.

And, in some cases, that is true however there are many different variables that determine whether the mold in your home is dangerous to your health. An important factor in the treatment of mold is what kind of mold is in your home. In this blog post, we discuss the common types of mold found in Connecticut homes.  


Alternia is a commonly found mold which usually grows outdoors. That said, it can make its way into your home, where it grows in damp places such as the bathroom. The best way to keep this mold out of your home is to keep your windows and doors shut on the dry, windy days of summer, which is when it’s numbers are the most concentrated and likely to blow.


The aureobasidium mold grows indoors and is often found in the homes we treat. It grows on wooden furniture, surfaces, painted walls and wallpaper. You may also find it around windows and in caulk. If you notice a spotty substance that is pink and black in color in those areas, it’s most likely Aureobasidium


When a home has mold due to water damage in which the drywall has gotten wet, the culprit is usually Chaetomium mold. A telltale sign is if you smell a musty or old odor in your home. 


Fusarium is a mold that tends to grow in cold, wet areas and loves fabrics and carpeting. In our experience, it is often present in basements. 


You know the name because of its use as an antibiotic. When airborne, though, Penicillium is a quick growing mold a mold that grows on insulation, furnishings, water damaged furniture, carpeting and more. Penicilium requires less moisture than other species of mold to survive, allowing it to be a fast growing and long surviving mold. 

Stachybotrys Chartarum

The most demonized mold in the media, stachysbotrys chartarum is also called black mold or toxic mold. This is due to the fact that this type of mold creates toxic compounds known as mycotoxins that can negatively affect the health of humans. This type of mold can be identified by its musty smell and is found in areas that stay damp, like air conditioning pipes and ducts.


Trichoderma is another damp area mold. Homeowners often find the trichoderma mold within damp carpeting, wallpaper and similar surfaces. Similar to stachysbotrys chartarum, it also creates mycotoxins.

We get it. Mold can be a frightening discovery and everybody has heard of somebody who has lived a nightmare because of its presence in their home. With professional remediation, however, your home can be made safe again.

We're Here to Save Your Wet Documents

10/30/2019 (Permalink)

Image shows a wet book SERVPRO employee holding up wet documents

We all have that spot where we store our important documents, maybe its a few different places in your home. But it’s that place where you keep passports, birth certificates, insurance policies, wills, social security cards and many more documents you don’t always need but can never lose.

SERVPRO has an entire team dedicated to Document Restoration. If you have experienced damage to important or beloved documents, let us help. Our team of trained production techs will come into your home or office, inventory through extensive lists and photos to document what documents or boxes of documents you have, then we can dry and help to restore them.

Documents can become damaged from various disasters like water damage in your home or office or even a fire that necessitates the fire department to use water or triggers sprinklers to go off. Either way, you are often left with lots of soaking wet documents, but we can help restore them and restore the peace of mind for you around such important items.

We specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. We can handle any size disaster!

Call SERVPRO (323) 255-1000

Steps to follow if experiencing a water loss

10/30/2019 (Permalink)

  1. Turn the water off first. It is no use to start cleaning up the mess until you have fixed the problem.  So fix the leak, call the plumber, call the city, wait for the seepage to stop; whatever you need to do to stop the problem is your first step.
  2. Determine the path that the water traveled. Find out where the water started and where it went.  This isn’t always easy.  Water can travel through walls, behind cabinets, through building materials of all kinds.  Only when you know where it traveled can you dry out all the areas affected.  Missing some areas means problems later.  Your trusted restoration company has several types of moisture meters (costing from $600 into the thousands) that will determine where the water traveled.
  3. Protect the contents. Many times, furniture is also affected by the water.  For example, wet legs from chairs or furniture can release stain into carpet and other flooring and cause permanent damage.  Get everything up and out of the water right away.
  4. Remove the surface water. It seems that it is always more than you think.  A simple toilet supply line can leak between 700 to 1,400 gallons of water in 24 hours!  Be prepared with enough staff and equipment to vacuum it up in a reasonable time.
  5. Dealing with carpet pad. In most cases, remove and discard the pad from the affected areas.  It is inexpensive to replace and very hard to dry.  Take it out, dry what is left and replace it.
  6. Prevent mold growth. Treat the wet area with an antimicrobial solution once the surface water has been removed (staff must have the proper certification).  Spray this on hard surfaces and under carpet and then draw it through the carpet with a vacuum.  Then be sure to dry the area within 3 days or less.  Mold takes time to grow so time is on your side, but if the area isn’t dried quickly it will grow and cause further problems.
  7. Balance the moisture evaporation. This part can be tricky without the proper test equipment owned by a restoration company.  In a nutshell, when you start a fan on an area to dry it, you put moisture in the air.  This requires a dehumidifier(s) to wring the moisture out of the air at the same rate that you are putting it in with the fan.  Without the proper balance you can cause secondary damage to walls and other building materials. Qualified restoration companies are experts in this process and should be hired if you feel the amount of water is too large to dry in a single day. Waiting too long to call them results in a host of other problems you don’t need in the future.

A simple evaluation of your ability to respond to water damage today will provide you with an appropriate response when it happens.  Do you have enough equipment to vacuum water readily available to all buildings?  Do you have large fans available too?  Can this affected area be cleaned and dried in one day?  If not, call in help.

Secondary damage and mold growth caused by not drying water damaged building materials has resulted in thousands of lawsuits across the county.  Your best defense is to plan ahead of time and be prepared to call in help from a qualified restoration company if conditions warrant.  It will save a host of problems in the future.  Water damage happens in every facility.  Be ready.

For more information give us a call at (3230 255-1000

Fire Sprinkler Accident in Downtown Los Angeles

9/27/2019 (Permalink)

A fire sprinkler system had a malfunction that eventually ends up flooding an entire level. The service call was received around 11:00 pm and a crew of 10 personnel was on site within 45 minutes ready to stop the damage from continuing. The water was immediately turned off. We began to extract all standing water and place all furniture on wood blocks to avoid water absorption and warping. The photo shows one of our technicians removing a wood base board to avoid mold growth. The client was happy that we walked him step-by-step through what needed to be done.The before & after photos for this loss are remarkable. Sometimes accidents happen that's why SERVPRO is here! Give us a call anytime, we are more than happy to help.