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tiled floor, floor cuts, furnishings

Flood Salvage in Los Angeles

Our Los Angeles customer was pleased to see her home as it appears in this Photo. She was distraught and never thought that SERVPRO could remove the muck and contaminated debris left behind after the storm. Now we can do the build back.

flood cuts, framing, concrete pad

Flood Cuts in Highland Park

The stormwater has been removed from this house in Highland Park. Our SERVPRO team of ASD applied structural drying technicians have removed the non-salvageable drywall and carpeting. The framing and concrete pad are almost dried with the help of this centrifugal air mover.

flooding in lower level items floating

Los Angeles and Storm Water Extraction

Los Angeles and Storm Water Extraction
The Photo illustrates contaminated floodwater in the lower level of a commercial building. SERVPRO can provide trash pumps and truck-mounted pumps to extract the water and begin the drying process. We then spray an antimicrobial agent.

exposed framing, concrete floor, plumbing and equipment

Highland Park Flood Cuts Done Right!

SERVPRO technicians can skillfuly perform flood cuts to storm damaged homes in Highland Park. Since these were cut at the 4-foot mark, new sheetrock panels can be hung without wasting material or time. The air movers are completing the drying process on the concrete floor and opened wall cavities.

stripped wall, plastic sheeting, and a green air scrubber

Highland Park Mold Remediation Process

The air scrubber by the polyethylene sheeting is capturing airborne mold spores and particles during a remediation service in this Highland Park condo. Our SERVPRO crew works hard to prevent cross-contamination and more costs and problems for our customers. Another reason why SERVPRO is the go-to company for mold cleanup.

blue hose and portable pump draining water from office floor

Los Angeles Production Office Water Loss

The pooling water in this Los Angeles robust setting stopped production in its tracks. Our SERVPRO team responded almost immediately; We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. Our equipment swiftly removes the water, and then we can move in our dehumidifiers and air movers to restore standard RH relative humidity levels. We work hard, so the office workers also can.

storm damaged home

Storm Damage Repair In Montecito Heights

Call our technicians after a storm has damaged your Montecito Heights home. We will respond immediately and initiate the restoration process right away! SERVPRO of Highland Park has the training and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your Montecito Heights home to pre-damage condition.

hanging debris from attic from fire damage

Montecito Fire Damaged Room

The attic fire, from a short in the wiring, made a mess of the crawl space and the ceiling and walls in this bedroom. SERVPRO techs can respond quickly to mitigate the fire damage by removing all charred and non-salvageable building materials. Then the cleanup and restoration can begin.

Sealed window with plastic and red tape, machine with duct leading out from it

Los Angeles Drying Stage

The air scrubber is using negative air pressure to eject water vapor from this Los Angeles home. The plastic sheeting is covering the demolition walls and the door and window are sealed for this effective treatment by our SERVPRO techs.

mold infestation growing on wall

Mold Damage Remediation In Highland Park

Your Highland Park property is in good hands when our mold damage experts respond to your emergency! We are the best in the industry and Faster to Any Size Disaster! SERVPRO of Highland Park has the state-of-the-art equipment that can restore your Highland Park property to pre-damage condition.

SERVPRO tech cleaning room with area rug and couch

Final Touches After Commercial Mold Remediation in Los Angeles

One of the goals of SERVPRO is to leave every job site in Los Angeles area properties “Like it never even happened.” After the technicians determine the reasons for a mold infestation and use their equipment and training to mitigate the loss, they bring  it to its preloss condition.

fire damage in home

Fire Damage Cleanup In Montecito Heights

Don’t let a fire ruin your Montecito Heights home call our crew! Our professionals are ready 24/7 and Faster to Any Size Disaster! SERVPRO of Highland Park has the certified personnel, expertise, training, and equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition.

water damaged property

Water Damage In Lincoln Heights

Our specialists know water can destroy your Lincoln Heights home within minutes. Our speedy response will prevent mold growth, lower restoration costs, and limit further damage. SERVPRO of Highland Park has the training and equipment to make it “Like it never even happened.”

this image shows a SERVPRO employee cleaning a hvac register

Commercial Kitchen goes through a meticulous clean up

This Los Angeles restaurant was fully restored after a large grease fire. The owner's concerns were with the idea of keeping the kitchen operating at its normal hours therefore making our job a bit harder. So, we began work every day the minute they closed the kitchen and stopped as soon as they opened. The owner was beyond pleased with the work and never had to close his restaurant. We love to help in any way possible.

this image shows a man opening an elevator door

Water fills up an elevator shaft in Pasadena, California

This photo here was taken on the first day of arrival. A hot waterline burst was leaking for hours before any of the tenants realized and called a plumber. Our crew immediately took care of the remaining water. The owners were pleased with our fast response and quality service. We continued to work daily until the building looked "Like it never even happened."

this image shows 3 SERVPRO  employees

Los Angeles School fire cleanup

When it comes to operating a loss at this scale we work with the client to effectively utilize our capacity on their time. For this one in particular we conducted 2 full crews to make sure there was 24 hour progress. The owner was pleased with the concept and shocked by how quick we managed to deodorize the structure.

this image shows a tarped up house

We respond faster to any size loss

This goes hand-in hand with the idea that we love what we do and quite simply get fulfillment from helping those in need. From the minute we receive a call we immediately organize a crew to come out and service our client. Our job is to make people's homes and business habitable again!

this image shows the word excellent next to a check box

We just take better care of our clients

We have turned over several happy customers. Considering that majority of our staff is bilingual, communication is never an issue. We know what the client is going through and walk them through step by step through what should be expected. We take pride in our work and are willing to share the empathy!

this image shows 2 SERVPRO employees

SERVPRO Treats Every Loss with Care

This crew here was in the middle of a demolition. The cabinets were removed because of the excessive moisture in the wall behind it. We managed to keep the faces and counter top in tact, both the home owner and insurance adjuster were surprised this ended up saving time and money for both the owner and the insurance

the image shows burnt wood plies

Electrical Fire Cleanup in Los Angeles, California

This home owner was luckily evacuated by the fire department just in time. We worked alongside the home owner and sorted through personal property that was damaged. We cleaned several items with our ozone machine at our warehouse. This machine extracts all the smoke particles from most material and leaves the object smelling as if it never even happened. This is one of the many services we provide with care to our clients.

this image shows 2 SERVPRO employees

We keep your Business Operating during a time of Loss

No matter what the circumstances are our biggest interest is to keep your business up and running, because we understand. We will work around the clock and after hours to ensure that your operation is conducted at regular times. There is always something we can do to help. Call today (323) 255-1000 and see how we can help you!

The photo shows a tarp laying over a roof

Commercial Building Suffers Water Loss in Los Angeles, California

Here at SERVPRO of Highland Park we do more than just dry your structure during a water loss. We offer same day services such a roof tarping, window and door board ups (for fire losses), and many more. Call us at 323-255-1000 to see how we can provide value for you and your loved ones. 

This image shows a ceiling with a hole in it

Rain Damage can affect anyone

This photo here was taken after we got call from a concerned client who says they woke up to a loud bang. They soon found out that this was a piece of drywall that fell due to soaking up too much water. We got right on it begging with the partial demolition of the ceiling, followed by the dry-out and then reconstruction. The homeowner was pleased by how fast and tidy we kept the work space. Considering this was a self payed loss we worked with the client on the work they explicitly wanted done.

This image shows the SERVPRO logo and trucks

Our team responds faster to any size disaster

One of our slogans at SERVPRO of Highland Park is that we are faster to any size disaster and here we prove it.  Our team's vehicles shown here were at this homes fire and water loss and gave the customer reassurance that we could get there job done.  Did you know that SERVPRO of Highland Park provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Emergency Services?  We will provide with step by step communication until your job is complete.  Give us a call at 323-255-1000 to see how we can better serve you.

A room is shown with SERVPRO equipment

Commercial Pipe Break in Los Angeles, CA

This photo was taken on the first day of our arrival. Before we were able to set our drying equipment, we had to completely dry out all the standing water. This was extremely difficult considering the amount of contents (not shown in photo) that had to be moved out of the way. All of the porous furniture was placed on wood blocks to stop the water from causing anymore damage. By lifting the piece of furniture off the floor this makes it nearly impossible for the furniture to soak up any of the water. This also allows for proper air to flow evenly through out the room. 

Servpro technician in a smoked out kitchen

Kitchen Fire in West Hollywood

This photo was taken on our first day of work. The homeowner unfortunately left a pot of oil on the stove and didn't realize until too late. The fire department came out fairly quickly but smoke spread through out the entire home. After setting our air cleaning machines and beginning our process the owner started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We explained that it wasn't going to be an overnight process but by the time we finished the place was spotless.

Servpro employee tying boxes down

Content Move-out in Boyle Heights Los Angeles, CA

If necessary we are more than happy to move our clients' contents to our storage. This may be the case if an entire room or floor needs to be removed and replaced. We always handle clients' belongings with care. We also keep a tight inventory of the items collected. This is just one of the many services we offer here at SERVPRO of Highland Park. 

Drying equipment placed to dry walls and floor

Water Damage in Downtown Los Angeles, California

Our client reached out to us at 1:00 am regarding a toilet overflow in her home. The water spread from the restroom and into the hallways and living room of the condo. We came out within an hour and began to suck up the water. This photo was taken the same day after we completely sucked  up all standing water and placed drying equipment. We were able to restore everything in place. The homeowner was happy we didn't have to remove any drywall. All in all no job is too small or too big for SERVPRO Highland Park.

SERVPRO Employee picking up tile

Water Damage in Pasadena, California

This home in Old Town Pasadena was flooded after a sewage pipe broke in the master bedroom burst. There was an intensive amount of water extraction performed, that was later followed by demolition of all wet materials. The inured was happy to see us on site working everyday including Sunday. During one of the most stressful moments in life we were able to get the home back into its original state in no time. The home owner was pleased by our expertise in reconstruction and ended up loving his new floor. SERVPRO does it all! 

Studio Fire Loss in Highland Park

The art studio in Eagle Rock suffered major fire damage. The interior was a loss, and our SERVPRO team is demolishing the non-salvageable materials. We work with PPE personal protective equipment, including hardhats and respirators. The bagged debris gets discarded following OSHA and CA State codes. The charred interior joists and trusses are supported with 4x4 posts until replacement time. Our Commercial Contractor License #: 999460 allows us to complete the project from demolition and clean up through the rebuilding of the studio. One SERVPRO team does it all!